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Expert Piano Removals in Melbourne

Piano moving can be a tedious task and without proficient knowledge the instrument is in danger of getting harmed. Piano is a delicate instrument which should be moved with care and expertise. Do not take stress of moving them by yourself; let our expert do this task for you. We have specialized equipment, such as piano trolley, hydraulic lift etc., to safely and securely ship piano to the destination. Typically two to three team members are required for this job. We will remove any free or delicate part before loading a piano onto a truck for moving.

Pianos can be expensive to purchase and maintain yet that doesn’t mean there cost of moving should be that way. Whether it’s an upright or baby grand, our network of expert piano removal partners remove the problem from the entire procedure. From finding the correct point to getting it through the door to moving it to the house safely, the coordination behind moving a piano requires the correct mastery and hardware.

We provide expert home removals services

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  • Find any cheaper removal quote and we promise we'll beat it
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Whatever the shape or size of furniture, we will make it easy for you



  • 3200 L x 1750 W x 1600 H (9 cubic mts approx)
  • Ideal for moving small and few items to basic 1 bedroom apartment.
  • Equipped with moving blankets, straps and hand trolley
  • It has a barn door and a side door
  • Comes with two professional movers.

$99/hour ( All days except Saturdays )
$109/hour ( On Saturdays )


  • Ideal for moving 1-2 bedroom apartments
  • Small to medium sized office furniture
  • Provided with moving blankets, straps and hand trolley
  • Equipped with hydraulic tailgate lift for easy loading and unloading
  • 4200 L x 2050 W x 2200 H (19 Cubic mts approx)
  • Comes with 2 movers

$99/hour ( All days except Saturdays )
$109/hour ( On Saturdays )

Our family develops every year thanks for our reasonable pricing model of moving without sacrificing quality

our prices

We charge same rates on weekends

Moving piano is an art that takes practice. Before we move a piano we take lots of moving blankets to cover several parts of piano and a tape to hold them. To begin with, we cover the piano keys with blankets and then any removable parts of piano are removed to be packed separately. Sometimes this can be done by hands but sometimes necessary tools are required to detach them. Once this is done, next step is to cover every area with moving blanket to ensure nothing gets damaged.  After this we have to examine the available space from where the piano can be taken and then movers typically use piano board to transport the piano because it is otherwise very heavy or difficult to carry

Our Customer Support Team is here for You throughout the Entire Moving Process

From the day you book your move until you’ve moved into your new home, our support team is here to help via phone, live chat or email. Contact our general support team for moving advice or help with using our site. Contact our Mover support team for help with any questions, issues or disputes related to your move

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As you know that each move is unique and different from each other. This really depends on the distance and amount of goods you are moving. Some simple things are also considerable like where we can park the truck or are there any stairs; these things can add an extra time in loading etc.

The below is what on an average a job takes. But that is just a rough estimate and it will depend on the circumstances on the day

  • 2T and  4T truck takes anywhere between 2-4 hours.
  • 8T Truck average is generally between 4-6 hours
  • 10T Truck can range anywhere between 6-8 hours

At the time of booking our team will try to figure out the size and quantity of your goods and accordingly suggest you the vehicle required. You can call our expert or provide us item details through mail so that our staff can assist you. It is important that you give us an accurate list of goods at the time of booking , so as to avoid multiple trips on the day to move your goods which may cost you more eventually.

At BMR we not only are skilled to move your things locally but we are additionally a top of the line an experienced interstate moving company. Connect with our polite and experienced moving experts to go ahead with your long distance move.

We own all of our vehicles, however due to peak season and weekend bookings, we suggest you to remain on the safer side by booking couple of days prior to the move.

Kindly contact our team and they will use the information provided by you to  suggest you the size of the van you need.It depends on the number and volume of items to be moved.

The below is list of vehicles frequently used for

  • For smaller items to basic 1 bedroom apartment 2T van is advised
  • For 1-2 bedroom apartments or moving bit larger items 4 T Truck is considered
  • For moving larger items or 2-4 bedroom houses 8T truck us advised
  • For moving 3-4 bedroom houses or larger jobs 10 T truck should be booked.

Again from the survey we will evaluate how many movers and vehicles your move needs. It is typically between 2-4 but sometimes more than that depending on move volume. We will work this out based on move volume, move distance, whether you are packing or we will be packing. We are responsible for ensuring that we provide enough movers and vehicles for your move.