Packing Material

Searching for removal boxes or a complete packaging kit, we are here to provide you complete suite of services. We provide high quality packaging material and these can be provided well before moving day. It’s up to you that you can use your packaging material or you can give us the privilege to arrange the required material for you. Do not take chance by packing your valuable belongings in unsatisfactory manner. We can supply you with the dependable best quality and reusable moving boxes.

  • 51 x 51 x 51 Cms
  • Suitable for lighter and bulkier items (crockery, clothes, glass ware and more).
  • 47(H) x 54(W) x 26(D) Cms
  • Suitable for heavier and smaller items (books, bottles, cans, cutlery etc).
  • 50 Metres x 48 mm
  • High quality tape for securing boxes and other items while relocating.
  • Fits a 48mm packaging tape
  • Able to cuts the tape quickly and efficiently while securing boxes and other items
  • Time saving and avoids tape wastage
  • 1 m x 10 m
  • Perfect for packing bigger items (paintings, vases etc)
  • 0.48 x 10 m
  • Perfect for packing small items (glassware, vases etc)
  • 45 Cms x 450 M - Transparent
  • We can wrap the furniture and matresses in order to avoid any dust or damage while moving
  • Ideal way to quickly wrap small and big things before moving.
  • The below are some useful moving tips

    We know that getting together your home can be stressful, that is the reason we have created this guide for you

    Begin packing well in advance- it’s always advisable to begin packing couple of days prior to your move. For large homes somewhere around one and half month is okay and for smaller homes one month should be fine.

    Picking your packing material – try to pick high quality dependable packing material.  On the off chance that you don’t have all the items, it may be great to go for moving home kit

    Begin with rooms you use less often- you should first handle the rooms on the top floor and then move towards bottom floors. Regular things at present you are not utilizing are ideal example of things you can pack before you handle everything else.

    Declutter – talking about things you would prefer not to take with you, give your old undesirable things to good cause. You can find someone in neighbourhood if they need something you are planning to sell or find an auction site; there are plenty of options available.

    Roll your clothes- another practical suggestion is that the best way to store your clothes is to roll them. Rolling reduces the amount of space they take and you can store plenty of clothes in one box.

    Storing all your valuable in one place- no need to say, pack all of your valuable in a single spot and make point by point list with a goal that you won’t overlook or lose anything.

    Label your boxes- write names of the room of the each box and write on the side not on top of boxes, it will make it simpler to remember them in the event that they are stacked.

    Set aside boxes with essential items- one of the most important moving tips, essential items should be those which are required right after the move is over and you should always keep those essential boxes aside.