What We Offer

On every move, you are protected by 3 types of insurances.

Public Insurance
Public Insurance includes that if any damage were to happen to your premises, it is covered by this insurance.

Goods in Transit
Goods in Transit Insurance includes Damage caused to your goods in at fault vehicle accident while in transit if it is our fault.

Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Covers injuries caused to our men while moving your goods.

Standard Cover

This is included in the removal cost for all moves that are handled by our team.

Standard insurance covers:

  • Property damage (damage to building/property, up to $20 million)
  • Injury to our removalists
  • Damage caused to your goods in a vehicle accident (if it is our persons fault)


Please note that standard insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Accidental damages from external causes during packing, loading and unloading (if we’re involved in this process)
  • Damage caused to your goods in a vehicle accident (if it is not our persons fault)


Full Cover

This covers you against ALL types of risks

  • Fire, explosion, lightning, and flood
  • Overturning and/or derailment of conveyance
  • Collision of vessel, aircraft or conveyance
  • Crashing or forced landing of aircraft
  • Stranding, sinking, or contact of a vessel with any external object other than water
  • Entry of water into any vessel, hold, container lift,van or place of storage
  • Discharge of goods at a port of distress
  • Jettison of goods from a vessel
  • Theft, Pilferage or Non delivery of an entire package or item